Lila had a Dental!

Last Friday I took Lila to the vet to go under the knife, it’s true!

Ok, so it was actually not dramatic at all. Lila is getting up there in age, and we knew her teeth needed help. They weren’t awful, but her doggy molars had a decent amount of built up plaque. C, my trusty spouse, really advocated for Lila to get this done. I am definitely not a proactive person. Like 100% would I have waited until something terrible went wrong with her choppers. I would not recommend this.

C figured that now was the time to jump. Lila is 8 years old and very healthy. She’s super resilient. No one would ever guess she’s our oldest dog. So the logic in getting the dental done now was that, if we play our cards right, this may be her one and only dental procedure. It’s always a freak out to put a dog under anesthesia, so we wanted to time it just right.

I brought Lila to the vet before work, checking her in for her stay bright and early. We chatted with the vet, got an estimate of price, and went over all of my questions. I requested that the doctor remove a wart that Lila has had growing on her back. It was honestly partly an esthetic choice, but if she was going under anyway, then why not?

I’ll be honest – a dental procedure is not cheap! The quote we got was that it could cost anywhere between $850 and $1200. But ultimately, it was worth it! Lila did great! Her teeth and pearly white and her gross back wart got removed.

She did have one tooth extracted, which initially was a little scary to think about. But it was a tiny tooth and the vet did such a great job. Lila seems comfortable and has been able to eat her normal food. Her stitches in that area seem to have come loose, so tomorrow I’ll call the vet to double check that everything is fine. I’m not worried though.

From our end, the process was super simple. Drop Lila off, pick Lila up, hand over some cash, and then give Lila some pain meds every 24 hours for the next few days. That’s it! I’m really thankful for our vet. They’re really great, honest, and communicative. It would have been a much scarier process had we not had their really supportive care.

Have you ever had a dog get a dental cleaning? How did it go?

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