Sick Spouse

My trusty spouse C has been sick! Not COVID, thankfully, but real darn sick. It pretty much wiped C out for the whole weekend, meaning I had to pick up the canine chores that they usually do every weekend.

Every single weekend. It’s amazing that C does this crap every week, because it legit took it out of me and I did it once.

Ok so task # 1: make dog treats. This isn’t actually that hard, just sort of gross. C buys thin sliced raw meet and then puts it in our dehydrator. That’s about it. But as a vegetarian, not my jam. I wore gloves and gingerly flopped the meat slabs on the trays. Easy, but two thumbs down due to meat gross.

Task #2: make frozen dog enrichment treats. We use an apple core thing to take out the cores of apples and summer squash. Then we put a tub of plain greek yogurt into a big ziplock baggie and use it like a piping bag to squirt yogurt int the holes in the veggies/fruits. And then we freeze them! I say we because it’s usually C, but I did it this week. Honestly, this task is super fun! Legit would do it again. I low key think I was better at piping the yogurt than C is, not to brag or anything.

These super fun frozies go to Charlie, Lila, and Owen during the week.

Task #3: make Hero lunches. This one is pretty straight forward: mix a scoop of yogurt with a scoop of kibble and then shove it in a rubber toy thing. And then freeze it. And that’s Hero’s lunches while we are at work!

Task #4: Pilot frozies. Because Pilot has a metal tooth and is a real stinker about chewing apart and eating toys, she has very specific toys that she is allowed to have in her crate. So yogurt goes in the toys and the toys go in the freezer.

And that’s it! That’s C’s Sunday chore every single week. First of all, our dogs are so spoiled. Second of all, they eat a lot of yogurt. And third, I’m pretty lucky that C does all of this for them every week!

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