Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week! And, as I think I’ve mentioned before, my trusty spouse C is a teacher! In all honesty, the week usually goes by without too much fuss. I’ll try to send a quick “I appreciate you” texty text, but that’s usually it.

With that in mind, I thought this year I’d step it up a little and have the dogs all list their favorite things about C!

So, let’s do each dog’s top 3 favorite things about C!


  1. C is the best cuddler at night
  2. C is a good protector
  3. C never touches my tail


  1. C makes the cookies
  2. C gives me the cookies
  3. C feeds me the cookies


9. C has big ears like a bat
4,000. C supports my hopes and dreams
7. C leaves me alone


  1. C throws the frisbee
  2. C is my best friend
  3. C gives me a sucky pillow to suck on whatever I want because C loves me very much


  1. C is so wonderful and great and warm
  2. C lets me lick their eyeballs and nostrils
  3. C is so funny and smart
  4. I’m C’s silly man!
  5. C is my BEST FRIEND
  6. Life is complete with C in it
  7. Nobody is as fantastical as C is in life

And there we have it! All of the dogs really do love C, and I know I couldn’t do this crazy life without them.


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