Owen is 6!

This happened almost a week ago, so it feels weird to write about. But Owen had a birthday!

Part of me can’t believe Owen is already 6, part of me can’t imagine that he’s only 6. This dog has changed our lives in so many ways. C got into dog sports because of Owen. He also taught us that you can only control so much in life, and especially in dog training. Owen is his own kind of canine, and we have had to continuously adjust our expectations to give him that freedom.

It’s incredible how many expectations we have for our animals, without even knowing it.

Owen is challenging. He can’t do things that most dogs can do. But, he can cuddle up on the couch, and he can make us laugh. He can sometimes run around in the back yard wearing a harness and long line. He thrives in routine, and, in all honestly, is a really good communicator about his needs. If he wants to tap out of a situation, he let’s us know. When he needs to take a break from whatever is going on upstairs, he asks to go downstairs to his big basement pen.

I love Owen, I really do. It’s easy to get frustrated with him, and it really is hard to start thinking about the things this little guy can’t do. But at the end of the day, he’s just this little dude who doesn’t speak English and lives in our house. He’s funny and opinionated, sometimes sweet, and always cute.

I’m glad Owen came into our lives, even though his limitations can sometimes be overwhelming.

Owen celebrated his birthday with a big cake. He even let us get some adorable pictures to mark the occasion!


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