It Must Be Hard for Other Dog Owners

Sometimes I just sit around the house staring at the dogs. I’ll just look at them from whatever angle I can, basking in their greatness. Sometimes I try to get a real up-close view, other times I prefer to sit back and watch them flopping around in their natural state. They’re just so perfect.

I legitimately feel bad for other dog owners. It really must suck to know that their dogs aren’t the cutest one in the world. Like all of you billions of people reading this blog: I assume you have dogs. How do you do it? How do you wake up every morning – feed them, bathe them, care for them – all while knowing they are second best?

I’ve seen cute dogs around town and on the internet I guess. But they don’t hold a flame to my canines. It’s almost like they don’t really have that twinkle in their eye, you know? Like I look at my beasts and there is just that extra special something glittering in their big brown eyeballs. And their fur! So silky, so soft. I am able to tell it’s soft just by looking at it.

I assume this is what it’s like when, say, Taylor Swift walks into a room full of a bunch of normal people.

I can’t imagine what our lives would be like if these perfect little beasts weren’t here. They’re perfect in every. Even when they’re stinky and muddy and stubborn, they’re just the best dogs a girl could ask for.

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