Little Beast New Year

Like most traditions over the past two years, our yearly New Year Photoshoot didn’t happen this weekend. 100% because we are exhausted, both by the pandemic and by having a puppy.

We did, however, discuss what our fuzzy family would choose for their new year resolutions! This discussion took several days, because both my trusty spouse and I have been off of work since before Christmas. It was magical.

Anyway, the dogs are a little sick of us? I think so at least. Charlie wants to just be left alone, Lila wants to sleep in her kennel, and Owen just wants to go back to his home planet already! Pilot and Hero are never tired and are ready for adventure at the drop of a hat. Bottomless pits.

Ok, so here we go.

Lila’s resolution is to stop trying to scare the puppy out of his skin. For example, she hopes that one day she will be able fight the urge to bite the puppy’s tiny little nose and make him cry. She doesn’t want to make him sad, it just happens some times.

Charlie claims that his New Year’s resolution is to try every donut that Dunkin’ Donuts has to offer. He would also like to see if they will make a new donut and name it after him. Boston Cream, orange frosting, powdered sugar, and pink sprinkles. An instant classic.

Owen did not participate because the new year doesn’t start for another 97 weeks, according to the calendar in his home land.

Pilot’s very legitimate goal for the new year is to go to a world championship disc competition. While she is there she would also like to take my trusty spouse out to a five star steak dinner, where she gets to sit at the table and order off the real human menu.

And Hero, per usual, has no idea what I’m talking about. He thought that I said he got a pair of new ears, and he got a little freaked. I tried to explain that a New Year Resolution is something that you hope to improve upon from one year to the next. But, because he wasn’t really alive this year, he said that he just wants to do some more explorin’ this coming year.

What is your dog’s new year’s resolution??

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