What Santa Brought the Little Beasts

Christmas has come and gone! It used to be a bummer that the holiday had all of this build up and then just flew by, but it’s one of my favorite parts now. We get pumped for a month, have a day of all out excitement, and then get to spend the next few weeks sorting through our new loot and finding homes for all of our new toys.

That part isn’t too hard for the dogs, as they keep all of their toys – new and old – under the couch.

I think the dogs all enjoyed their Christmas celebrations though. Most of the dogs opened their presents while their brothers and sisters were put away. We didn’t want to cause a huge commotion, and Pilot does have a tendency to try to hijack the situation and take all of the presents for herself.

All of the dogs got two presents, wrapped. Most everyone got two toys, with the exception of Charlie who got a toy and a yummy chewy. Most of the toys were sports-themed, as that’s what we thought they would’t destroy*.

Hero needed a little coaxing, as this was his first Christmas. But he ended up getting it and even unwrapped his second present all by himself! Owen was a real Grinch last year, so we weren’t sure that he would want to participate. But after opening a classic Owen gift (squeaky ball), he did seem to start feeling the cheer!

Lila’s favorite present was definitely the pint-sized soccer ball, while Pilot is channeling her inner LeBron and jiving on the basketball.

All in all, I think each Little Beast felt thoroughly spoiled!

*Charlie destroyed one of the two football toys the day after Christmas. Yeah, Charlie! We couldn’t believe he was the wrecker either.

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