Product Review: Kin+Kind

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So, as you may have seen on Instagram this weekend, we tried a new doggy shampoo!

I’ve posted a few times about our grooming procedure for the Little Beasts, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really gone into what we typically use to rid them of their stink.

Our go-to shampoo and conditioner is Earthbath. It smells great, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it lasts a long time. Plus we can get it at our local store!

So why did we stray from our go-to?

A couple reasons. It smelled good, but not great. Which is being a little picky, I know. But a lot of times when we wash the dogs we notice our entire house smells better. Which is a little concerning, but also really good grounds for awesome smelling shampoo. Which Earthbath just wasn’t totally delivering.

We also needed something that focused a little bit more on whitening, mostly for Charlie. The white on his chest has turned a bit more yellow in the last few months. I wanted to try a blueing shampoo, but was a little concerned about filling my boy’s fur with chemicals. He already has a tendency to get dry skin.

That’s why my trusty spouse C decided to try something new! Kin+Kind.

So why did we go with this brand?

It’s been recommended to us by friends. We’ve ready great things online. And it really promotes the whole “all natural” idea, which had me feeling positively about the whole dry-skin issue.

We decided to try three products – Charcoal (deep clean dog shampoo), Conditioner (for itchy dogs and cats), and Earth and Spice (waterless foaming shampoo for dogs). Each product was about $15, plus shipping.

Kin+Kind was definitely a bit on the pricy side, especially considering it isn’t sold at any local stores. So we had to pay shipping – which nobody likes to do nowadays. I will say the shipping was pretty quick though. (one note here – the shampoo cap was broken when it arrived. Nothing had spilled because of the safety seal. But still, slightly annoying. I replaced the cap with an old one from a bottle of Earthbath…)

Our initial reaction was that it smelled amazing. Like seriously, as soon as we opened up the package we could smell it. I would use this stuff as air freshener.

We pretty much immediately got to washing the dogs. And by “we” I mean my trusty spouse C.

Upon washing the dogs we had a few pretty immediate reactions – this stuff smells great, but you need a lot of it. It isn’t one of those shampoos that foams up a lot and you can spread all over the dog, if that makes sense. We really did have to use a ton of it to wash them, especially Charlie. I’d say we have the same experience with both the shampoo and the conditioner. We haven’t used the dry shampoo yet.

Baths went great, dogs smells awesome. We didn’t notice anything too special at first. I was honestly sort of bummed that the charcoal shampoo didn’t seem to do much. Until…

Hours later the dogs brightened up! It was almost like whatever is up with the activated charcoal took a few hours to really take effect. The border collies were brighter and way shinier. The spaniels were shinier than they’d ever been and their feathers were silky smooth.

The big test was Charlie’s yellow tummy. At first, not a huge difference, like I said. I was sort of bummed. This shampoo was too expensive to just smell good, ya know? But after maybe three hours had passed he definitely started to look whiter! In a way that Earthbath really never could accomplish.

I was really really surprised how well it worked.

So, to boil it down – I really liked the shampoo. It smelled great and did the job we wanted it to do. But it was a little too expensive for frequent bath times. And you have to use a little bit too much product to really use it properly.

Charlie gets a bath in some capacity about every week. We definitely couldn’t afford to use this every time. For the others, who only get a bath a few times a year, it works great! Kin+Kind will definitely be in our rotation, but maybe only for those especial occasions.

Have you guys tried Kin+Kind? What are your favorite products? Let us know in the comments!

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