Get Out of My Face

We love our dogs. They’re our favorite dogs. But sometimes, we really really just want them to get out of our faces. Like right now, for example. C, my trusty spouse, and I are both sick.

So what do we do with our four high energy dogs when we can barely get off the couch?

Check out this short and sweet list of how to entertain your dog without really trying that hard.

1.       Frozen Kongs. Got some leftover steak? How about some plain ol’ tuna fish. Shove that crap in a Kong and put it in the freezer!

2. Throw a ball up the stairs. Now, this doesn’t work in our current house as well, just because our stairs turn. But we used to live in a house that had a big, straight staircase. Whenever we were sick we would just sit at the bottom and throw tennis balls up it for Lila. After about 10 minutes she’d be pooped. Perfect.

3.       Scavenger hunt. Ok, you’ll have to get off the couch for this one. But only for a second. Hide treats around your living room or back yard, without your dog watching. Then let them loose to find all the cookies! Just make sure you’re watching your dog so they don’t break stuff and/or leave gross dog treats in your house.

4.       Train a trick. Sometimes mental stimulation goes a really long way! It may be too much mental work for you if you’re sick, but it’s worth a shot!

5. Put some peanut butter on a licky matt or muffin tin. They’ll get tired while they’re chasin’ that sweet sweet PB.

6.       Brush them. Sometimes when we brush our dogs (mostly Charlie) they just straight up fall asleep.  I don’t know why. But like, exploit that crap if you need to.

7.       Play tug of war. Again, this may be hard if you can’t get off the couch. But a lot of times if we, the humans, start a game of tug, the dogs will pick it up and keep it going themselves. So we really just have to be active for a minute or two, then they take the reins and really go nuts. It’s perfect.

8. Good Ol’ Puzzle Toys. Nothing beats a hand full of kibble in a Kong Wobbler.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got today! Like I said, the humans in my house are all sick right now. The dogs are considering staging s a coup. Here’s hoping I can practice what I preach and these ideas help calm them down…

What do you do to distract your Little Beasts when you’re not feeling well? Let me know if the comments!

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