We had a house guest!

For about two days we had a tiny little house guest. She was black and white and had pointy ears and her name was Basil.

Yes, that’s right. Basil was a border collie. Which means that we had three border collies in our house. Three. Border. Collies. And five dogs total.

Basil belongs to one of my trusty spouse C’s friends. The friend was going way for a night and needed someone to watch Basil. I’ll be honest, I was sort of nervous. But, the border collies have had a few play dates with her in the past, so I crossed my fingers and said alright.

We did decide to keep the Springers away from her. She’s a sensitive little girl, as most border collies are. And the Springers can be a little much. Lila doesn’t usually like new people in her space. And Charlie is sort of a barky bad boy with new dogs. We thought it would just be easier, especially becasue it was for such a short time.

She got here around 6:30AM on Thursday and left around 9PM on Friday.

I made sure to take Charlie on a run during the day on Thursday, and Lila got to roam the house while we were at work. We wanted to make sure they at least had time to stretch their legs, even if they had to be in their crates a little extra at night.

Friday went about the same, though I wasn’t able to go home on lunch to give any breaks. Oh well. Nobody’s bladder exploded.

Honestly, having Basil over was a ton of fun! She and our border collies get along really well, so it was cool to watch them run around the yard. They have really similar play styles, probably because they are all border collies. By which I mean they run in circles, try to kill each other, then stalk each other around the bushes and start again.

I feel like Owen doesn’t always get to play with dogs who really “get” him, but Basil was the perfect match.

We kept Basil crated in my home office when she wasn’t out and about. The others aren’t allowed in there – mostly because I have my orchids in there. And I don’t want them to get eaten. Again. So it seemed like a good place to stick her when she wasn’t hanging out with the gang.

I’d be happy watching Basil any time, honestly! But I will say, boy was I happy when she went home! I don’t know if you knew this or not, but five dogs is a lot of dogs! Our house was pretty nuts for the two days Basil was here. And when she went home, all four dogs were pretty pooped. And so where me and C!

She was perfectly well behaved, but it was a lot for our guys to share their home. Especially Owen. While most dogs would kick his butt for being an annoying little twerp, I think Basil actually liked him. I think little Os slept for the next three days.

Have you ever watched someone else’s dog? If so, let me know how it went in the comments!

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