It’s National Dog Day!

It’s National Dog Day!

As the blog keeps shakin’ and movin’, I thought I’d take today’s post to reintroduce myself and the four furry friends I love so much.

So, I’m Katie! I live in Vermont with my super rad spouse, C. I am – newly- the public information coordinator for the local Supervisory Union. I enjoy crocheting, sniffing the back of Charlie’s neck, running, and complaining. Before I met my spouse I was a cat person. Those were simpler times… But like, less fun times for sure!

I’ve been blogging about our Little Beasts for somewhere around a year and a half at this point, putting out posts every Monday. We also have an Instagram – @littlebeastsbighearts.

Alright, so we have four dogs. Two English Springer Spaniels, two Border Collies.

Lila is our oldest. A five year old sweetheart. An English Springer Spaniel. She currently has an ear infection, so she’s pretty peeved because she can’t go swimming or play like a kooky crazy dog. It was pretty nasty. Lila LOVES to play Frisbee. She also loves loves loves to grump at her sister and brothers.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Lila’s favorite activity is hiding in her crate until one of her brothers does something stupid in front of her box, then snapping out and barking at them. Like a floppy eared snapping turtle.

Charlie is the love of my life. He’s a 3 (THREE!) year old English Springer Spaniel. He is just beautiful and sweet and fuzzy. But really, his favorite things are running with me, his mother, and doing therapy dog work. He is an Advanced Therapy Dog (though I STILL haven’t filed the paperwork), which means he has completed 100 therapy dog visits.

He’s an intensely good boy, but also really loves being bad. Like when he attention barks. Or when he forgets he got a cookie and decides to tantrum pee on the Klimb.

Owen, our 2 year old Border Collie, loves love. He had an interesting start in this world – where he more or less lived in his crate for three months – but is now thriving! He has hobbies, like cuddling and dock diving. He has friends, like his new border collie friend Basil. Above all though, he LOVES his family. All he wants in this world is to crawl inside of C’s skin. He really really loves his little sister though.

Which leads me to the final member of our furry family – Pilot.

Pilot is a 1 year old smooth coat border collie. Although she has many interests, her job is Frisbee. She sees herself as a working professional. In fact, she has filed many complaints, saying that she wants a raise of 6 kibbles a week. Kidding. Kidding.

Pilot is C’s dog through and through. They are cut from the same cloth. Pilot is intense and focused. She really has a one track mind. And most of the time that track is Frisbee related. Really though, she has turned out to be a pretty decorated little thing. Although Pilot and I don’t always see eye to eye on matters of household manners, I really do love her. I’m excited to see where life takes her!

Well – there ya go! Maybe a few new fun facts for returning readers. But also a little intro for the new guys. When it boils down to it, I love my dogs and the crazy adventures they take us on.

I think we’ll celebrate National Dog Day with a cuddle and some very entertaining ice cubes in the water bowl. (I don’t want to spoil them…)

How are you and yours celebrating today? Let me know in the comments!

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