Border Collie Day

Because neither of the humans in our house are Irish (well C claims they are, but I don’t believe it), yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, we hailed Border Collie Day!

Small history lesson, in case you didn’t know: Border Collies hail from the border of England and Scotland. And, contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick was from Scotland. So, St. Patrick’s Day = Border Collie Day.

We celebrated our two little black and white beasts, singing their praises, feeding them traditional foods, embarrassing them with pictures, and making cupcakes in their likenesses.

Did the border collies enjoy their special day? Unsure. They pretty much slept all day, which is uncharacteristic. Maybe they just got overwhelmed and tired from their morning photo shoot.

Anywho, we tried to treat them special all day. Owen got lots of cuddles and Pilot got to play lots of bitey face with her brothers. A good day for all!

Now, when I was just a wee child, I never thought I’d have a border collie. I knew one border collie growing up. He had three legs and I didn’t really like him.

So now, as an adult, why do I own two if them? In addition to to other dogs. Short answer? My spouse bought them. Long answer? They are complex, intelligent, magnificent little beasts.

C, my trusty border collie loving spouse, and I recently had a conversation about Owen and Pilot and why we love them.

Border collies, we decided, are a lot like little kids. They have hobbies and interests and dislikes. They get their feelings hurt and share in their human’s emotions. They think we’re annoying and get embarrassed by us.

Spaniels, on the other hand, are dogs. The best dogs! But they love being dogs. They like playing like dogs and sleeping like dogs and doing dog things. They blow stuff off a lot better than border collies, too.

Border collies need jobs. If you don’t employ them in a job opening you currently have, they will take the reins and create a job of their own. And there’s a good chance you won’ot like it.

They like getting paid. They will let you know when they think they’re being underpaid. They are’t huge fans of unions, but rather enjoy self-management.

Owen is much more sensitive than Pilot. As in, if you yell at him he will go hide for the rest of the night. He also gets a lot more neurotic about things than Pilot does. He also is weirdly irrational – like he hates fire wood. He thinks it’s evil.

Owen had a very special dinner! Featuring some meat, carrots, ,and Guinness with his Honest Kitchen!

Pilot is determined. She’s an athlete, and will use her athletic ability to out-power anyone in her sight. She’s smarter than we are, and she knows it. Pilot really has no patience for incompetent dog handling.

Ultimately, I’m glad we have border collies. I may curse their names constantly, but both of them are sweet, loving creatures. Creatures who sometimes make me laugh, occasionally make me cry, and almost always make me thankful for my spouse. Because without them these dogs would overpower me and have me tied up in the corner.

So, people, there you have it. Border Collie Day was a success. And yes, I do love my sweet(ish) little borders.

Do you have Border Collies? What do you love about them??


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