Charlie Almost Died

Well – it happened. Again. But for real this time.

I thought Charlie was going to die.

The whole running away thing didn’t kill him. And the eating two corn cob episode didn’t kill him last summer. So yesterday when the big lug ate a packet of oatmeal that included approximately 36 raisins, I was sure it was the end.

So yesterday I was mowing the lawn. Normal Sunday activity. C, my trusty spouse, had taken Pilot to a dog competition, so I was being leisurely about my lawn work. I had the whole afternoon to do the lawn and vacuum the living room. I didn’t have a care in the world…

That is until I went inside for a quick drink of water. It’s then that I noticed the oatmeal all over my freshly cleaned carpet. Charlie was chomping on the packet like a happy little toad.

At first, I won’t lie, I was perturbed that there as oatmeal on my carpet. However, as I went to grab the soggy packet scraps from his glorious snoot, I saw a raisin just sitting there on the rug.

And, like the old saying goes: where there’s one raisin, there’s two. And where there’s two raisins, there’s enough to kill an English Springer Spaniel.

Of course I started freaking out. Which for me looks like vacuuming up the dried oats. Really though, I had no idea how many raisins he had eaten. I found another oatmeal packet and ripped it open to count the raisins. There were 36. So I am just operating on the fact that there were 36 in the packet he ate, too.

Once I got my head about me, I called C and freaked out. C was in the middle of a round of Frisbee, so I got my mother-in-law, who really talked me off the cliff. I was, for all intents and purposes, losing my mind. My sweet innocent baby could be die!!

Next I called the emergency vet.

I’ll be honest here – the E Vet was sort of a bozo. I kept asking her if I should come in and all she would say was that it was really my call.

Now I know, it was my call in the end. But at that moment I needed someone to take charge. And I really feel like that was the job of the emergency medical professional!

Regardless, she talked me through inducing my sweet Charlie to vomit. I had to give him hydrogen peroxide. Thankfully my incredibly productive and proactive spouse had pre-portioned doses of hydrogen peroxide in the doggie first aid kit! So all I had to do was dump it in his poor beautiful little mouth. He hated it.

(Seriously – C is SO smart for doing this! It saved so much guess work/googling/time)

Then I followed him around the yard for about 15 minutes waiting for him to vomit. I’ll be honest – it was pretty pathetic. Charlie was stumbling around the yard because he was queasy and I was following him, sobbing my eyes out.

Finally I got ahold of another vet who, again, talked me off the cliff. This guy was so patient I’m going to send him a thank you card…

Anyway, while I was on the phone with this guy Charlie finally started vomiting. My poor little angel.

So I’m on the phone, still crying, rubbing Charlie’s back while he vomits out a bunch of instant oatmeal, dehydrated dog food (when did he get that?) and one of those little stay fresh packs that absorbs moisture.

Once I calm down a little bit the vet asks me to Count. The. Raisins. So I do what any good mother would do for her dying son and I grabbed a twig and started rummaging through his vomit to count them raisins.

30! I counted an even 30 raisins!

So the vet more or less told me that was it, Charlie would be fine. And I spent the rest of the night following Charlie around with a bowl of water begging him to drink so he didn’t get dehydrated and die from that.

He looked pretty sick the rest of the night – probably because I made him barf his brains out. But honestly, he acted pretty normally.

The vet did say to take him to the vet this morning though – just to get some precautionary bloodwork done. C did – I started my new job today! – and, of course, Charlie was a perfect angel and is certainly not dying… today!

So – moral of the story. All of the crap you hear about raisins being poisonous to dogs is totally true. Do not feed your animals raisins! And if you do, make them vomit ASAP! Hydrogen peroxide works well – though it does take about 15 minutes to bubble up and push up all of the stuff in their sweet little tummies.

In all seriousness – look up the number of your local E-Vet and tape it to your fridge. And then make sure you have hydrogen peroxide handy. Because you never know when you will need it! And really, Charlie 100% could have died if I had not acted quickly. They don’t know what it is in raisins/grapes that kills dogs. But they do know that it’s real and very deadly. So let my big scare be a lesson and maybe just don’t eat cinnamon raison oatmeal any more, ok?

What is the WORST thing your dog has eaten? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Charlie Almost Died

  1. My dog ate three (3!) pairs of shoes ranging from $300 to $2500. The most expensive one took two weeks to pass through his system. What can I say , he has good taste in shoes 😂


    1. Yeesh! That’s impressive. Glad everything turned out fine!


  2. Sirius helped himself to a container of tiramisu and some moldy grapes from the trash once – the lab part of him takes over sometimes 😂. He’s always pulled through!


  3. Our beagle Imus’s motto was “Eat first and ask question later.” The question was always ” Was THAT edible?!”


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