Bath Time for the Little Beasts

Why does Charlie stink so bad? He’s only 3 years old. What is our life going to be like when he’s 12? Will I just have to Febreeze him on the reg?

Really though, Charlie is our stinkiest dog. He gets a bath about once a week. And yes, I do use Draino after every single bath. Because before I did that we got clogs in our drain. About once a week. (I will say – in the Summertime he gets an outdoor bath with the garden hose. Which he hates because it’s cold and he’s a diva)

Our other dogs don’t really have a general stench about them. Which by and large is really nice. But they do need baths every once in a while.

For example, Pilot once rolled in cat vomit. She got a bath after that.

Bath time with the Little Beasts is a show, especially when we bathe all four in one day. So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks for getting your best pal squeaky clean:

  1. Don’t cheap out on shampoo.

We sweat by EarthBath. It is the best. And not the combo shampoo/conditioner. Shampoo and Conidtioner deserve to be in different bottles. Trust me. It degreases, it de stinks, and it detangles. It’s the best.

We were gifted some pet shampoo once. It was left over from a friend’s dead dog. Regardless, it wasn’t the good stuff. Every time I used it it felt like Charlie was still a little greasy. Sure it smelled nice, but it definitely made his skin dry.

Another tip here – do not make your own shampoo. I tried this once from a recipe I found on Pinterest and Charlie (who I test everything on) ended up looking like Danny Zuko

2. Don’t skimp out on towels

I feel like when I first started regularly washing the animals I would try to make as little laundry as possible. Really though, life is so much easier when you straight up cover the bathroom floor in towels. This helps with any splashing and REALLY helps when your sopping wet Fido jumps out of the tub and shakes off.

Oh, and it makes it so kneeling while washing your best friend isn’t so hard on the knees.

3. Brush while wet

This is especially important for our long-haired dogs. Yeah, I run into more tangles when I brush them wet. But this gives me the opportunity to cut out any snarls I may find. Sometimes it’s just easier to cut out than brush through. Or, if you have a tangle you’re close to combing out, just douse it with a bunch of conditioner. It’s much easier, believe me.

4. Use a sprayer    

We have a sprayer attachment on our showerhead. That’s really all I have to say about that. It’s just a ton easier. I can’t imagine batheing the beasts without it.

5. Bathe the calmest one first

I try to get away with only doing one dog at a time. But when they all get into something stinky, sometimes a full fam bathe has to happen. Whenever they’re all gross, I try to get the squirliest one (Pilot) in the tub LAST. That way if she soaks the whole bathroom I don’t have to sit in it the whole time.

Maybe this isn’t the most exciting post in the world. Maybe it’s not the most dog-savy. But it’s where my head is today. Because, you guessed it – Charlie needs a bath…

How do you bathe your dogs? Specifically, how do you bathe multiple dogs? Let me know in the comments!

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