Cooking for Dogs

Some pretty exciting things are happening in the Little Beast kitchen these days!

We have always been really interested in dog food and Kong fillings and healthy dog treats and whatnot. We like to make sure our animals are eating the very best of the best. C, my trusty spouse, does a painstaking amount of research on what foods our dogs eat.

So, a couple of months ago when some paw-shaped silicone molds showed up at our door, I didn’t think much of it. C originally got them to make frozen bone broth “treats.” We also experimented with stuff like bovine colostrum and kefir.

Trusty Spouse C just said “it’s just an easy way to dose out supplements that are liquid.”

Cool cool, so we got a whole bunch of frozen colostrum paws in our freezer. I’m cool with that.

Fast forward to a couple days ago – we thought Owen had kennel cough. Ugh. Not-so-long story made even shorter – he doesn’t. He just has allergies and a new vet bill in his name.

The vet told us that honey is like a cough drop for dogs. But Owen refused to eat it plain. So we decided to get out our handy molds and try something (without a recipe):

Honey, Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Doggie Cough Drops!!

Ok, so we got some beef gelatin from the local health food store and added it to a boiling mixture that consisted of a jar of honey, a bunch of turmeric, some vinegar and water. We then spooned it into the little molds and let them cool.

Next, we added a big old scoop of peanut butter to a pot and dumped in some pumpkin. After adding some water and stirring it all up, we added some more beef gelatin and filled up the molds.

After a couple hours in the fridge we popped them out – bing bang boom dog cough drop!

They seem to really work for the poor little weasel too. They’re super chewy, so it takes him a long time to eat them. Which means the honey can take its sweet time making its way through his poor little inflamed esophagus!

Alright, now the big food related reveal: we got a dehydrator!!

And by we I mean C. For their birthday.

But it’s awesome! It’s fancy and really high powered. We did have one a while ago, but it was nothing compared to this beauty.

C has made dehydrated gizzards, chicken feet (a bunch of them!), pork kidney, chicken hearts, salmon, and beef tendons!

It has been totally amazing. C got a bunch of organic, USDA certified meaty parts from a local farm for SUPER cheap. Like, less than a dollar a pound cheap. And we (C) have made tons and tons of treats with them!

Seriously, filling up our treat jar would ordinarily cost like $20. And this is costing us like… $2.

It feels really great to know that we are feeding our dogs happy, healthy treats, while also helping to reduce waste from local farms. The farmers C has reached out to are so happy to be able to sell their “scrap” to someone who will really use it.

I would definitely recommend a dehydrator to anyone who is looking to get started in fun treat making! Maybe someday we will even be able to dehydrate some human snacks too…

Do you cook for your dogs? If so, let me know their favorites in the comments!!

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