Owen is a… good boy?

If you follow the blog then you know all about Owen. He is kooky. Not because he is a bad dog – though that could be argued from time to time – but because he spent months locked up in a tiny box after his major surgery as a puppy.

Since then he has been a bit over-attached to his humans. He obsessively plays ball. He loves to heard his English Springer Spaniels. Just a bunch of kooky stuff that really stemmed from his time in the clink.

He has been a wingnut his entire life. A wingnut we love, but a wingnut all the same. He’s lovable and sweet, but has never really been able to get all of his ducks in a row.


All of a sudden, Owen turned into a good boy!

I swear, it’s like he was reborn! All of a sudden he started walking nice on leash, he was an angel at the vet, he visited with old ladies. He’s a new man, I tell ya!

Now, this isn’t to say that Owen has been purely awful for the past two years. He has always been really good off-leash with other dogs – I’ll give credit where credit is due. He just hasn’t always been the best house dog, etc.

This weekend C, my trusty spouse, took the girls to a disc event. So that means it was just me and the boys chillin’ at the house. Something that is usually pretty stressful for Owen – who loves his C more than anything.

Now, ordinarily Owen would be a bad boy, wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. But this weekend, he was an angel. He cuddled me and didn’t chew on his brother’s ears. He came inside when I called. He was a complete delight!

Fast forward to today. C had to take Owen to the vet for a routine checkup. Nothing big. Titer panel and his lepto booster.

Typically, he would be a lunatic, pinging off the end of the leash. But today, Owen walked like a good boy. He said “hi” to people like a sweetheart. He didn’t even look like he wanted to bite the vet when he took his blood! What an angel!

What got into him, you ask? I have no idea! Maybe he was bitten by a radioactive spider that turned him into the world’s best pup. Or maybe the years of begging him to not be a crap pile are finally starting to pay off. The world may never know.

Really though, it feels awesome to see some improvement in Owen’s behavior. He has always been a sweetheart to his people, but it’s great to see that little dude being good out in public.

I was working really hard on his loose leash walking for a while. But I’ll be honest, it had been a hot second since I last worked with him. I’ll also be honest and say the last time I worked on his walking was when I had him chill in a crate in my car for a while. And then he proceeded to crap in that car crate. Making my whole car smell like Owen crap.

But no more car crapping for Owen! Because he’s a good boy now!

C has been bringing him to the park, too. Which I think has really been helping him.

They have been playing frisbee together, which he loves – even though he isn’t great at it. They have also been doing quite a bit of dock diving, which he always enjoys.

Anyway though, Owen is finally a good boy! All of our hard work seems to be paying off. Let’s see if this lasts! He really is a good little man.

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