Dogs on a Boat

Instead of Snakes on a Plane. Get it?

Anywho – we took the dogs out on a boat this weekend!

My in-laws live on a lake and have a boat. And weirdly this was my first time out on said lake/boat ever! Which of course means it was the dogs’ first time, too.

My trusty spouse, C, and I really wanted to tire out the dogs Saturday afternoon because I was going away for the night. So, we went down to the pet store, got some doggie life jackets, and headed over to the lake.

The lake is relatively small and wasn’t too busy, even though it was a beautiful day. The boat isn’t anything crazy fancy, but it’s perfect for zippin’ around with the perfect K-9 companions.

Ok, ok. So, we thought it would be safer to take the dogs out in pairs. As in, we thought all four dogs in a boat would take a page out of Jack Sparrow’s book and commandeer the ship.

The girls suited up first. Lila wasn’t totally feeling it and mostly sat on C’s feet the whole time. Pilot, on the other paw, loved it.

She loved every second of it. She loved the wind in her ears. She loved stalking down the jet skis.

Seriously though, I have never seen Pilot so happy. AND she got to wear her RexSpecs, which she loves.

C originally bought them for frisbee – basically Pilot stares at the sun a lot. She got used to them really quickly and now gets to look adorable whenever it’s sunny out. Win win.

Alright, so after Pilot and Lila had their turn out on the open water, we went and got the boys.

Now, we weren’t totally sure the boys were going to like the boat. But boy were we wrong. They LOVED it. Owen was living his best life. Charlie felt free as a bird, with wind flowing through his ears.

Really though, I couldn’t believe they were so chill. At no point did I feel like they were going to jump ship!

The dogs had a good time, yes. But the real highlight for me was that I got to drive the boat! C drove the boat for the girls. But, when it was time to go back out with the boys, it was my turn.

I wont lie – I wasn’t great at it. I couldn’t really go straight, and going too fast was scary. I will say, turning made me a little uneasy too. None of the dogs got sea sick though, so I feel like it was fine.

At the end of the day, all of our dogs went home exhausted. Total win.

What did you do with your dogs this weekend?

1 thought on “Dogs on a Boat

  1. Goggles, goggles?? Pirate dogs are supposed to wear black eye patches. Seems Owen was the only one dressed properly.


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