Snickety Snack Review: Vital Essentials, Rawz, and Primal

A couple of weeks ago we received a few very exciting packages: snacks!

As a thank you for the blog post I wrote, Vital Essentials Raw sent us some awesome freeze dried treats. Rawz sent us a package too – with some of our favorite freeze dried nuggets!

I also wanted to throw Primal into this review. We’ve been dabbling in their frozen raw for a while now, though we haven’t talked too much about it. But it has quickly become one of our go-tos for Picky Eater Pilot!

Let’s start with the treats we got from Vital Essentials Raw. The sent us a really generous package with a bunch of freeze dried treats: Chicken Hearts, Minnows, and bully sticks.

We first bought Vital Essentials stuff for Owen when he started being a bad boy and not coming inside from the back yard. Their freeze dried minnows were the only thing he’d come inside for.

Since then, we’ve tried a bunch of their products, including their tripe nibblets and their rabbit mini nibs. Easily one of our favorite brands because of all of their single-ingredient treat options, our dogs seriously flip for these treats.

Without Vital Essentials we wouldn’t have been able to get pictures like this:

Or this:

So anyway, out of all of the treats VE sent us, I’ve got to say that the chicken hearts got two paws up from Charlie. I’ve never seen those big beautiful eyes get so wide than when I pulled a little freeze dried heart out of the jar!

We also got an awesome package of Rawz freeze dried! Rawz is a great brand that makes freeze dried food, as well as dry food and canned food in both meal-free and limited-ingredient.

We got beef, chicken, and lamb freeze dried nuggets. We’ve fed it before, more as a supplement than a whole diet, but it’s definitely balanced enough to be a complete diet.

Our favorite part of Rawz is that it’s freeze dried, so it’s super light when packing for a big trip! Pilot and my trusty spouse C actually just took it with them on a trip to Detroit for a disc seminar. They didn’t have to worry about keeping it cool like traditional raw food, and it was super easy to re-hydrate in the hotel room.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite here. Pilot seriously loves them all – which is really saying something. She can be a little bit of a fussy bussy when it comes to food.

Speaking of Pilot and her fussiness – anyone with a picky eater needs to try Primal right now!

We try to keep Pilot on a rotation of a few different foods to keep her appetite up. Some foods she really loves, some she’s not so sure of, etc. etc.

So, Primal. It’s pretty great. They have freeze dried options, frozen raw options, goats milk, bone broth, and a bunch of other stuff – including new elixirs to help with digestion, joints, and immune systems.

We’ve had the Primal bone broth and goats milk before as supplements for all of the dogs. But our favorite Primal products are the frozen raw patties. Usually we get either beef or lamb. Pilot eats it right up, as long as we break up the patty for her. *she’s a diva*

Alright – that was brief. But there’s a quick review of some of the Little Beasts’ favorite treats!

What’s your go-to brand for a sweet pupper treat? Let us know in the comments!

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