Charlie is (almost) 3!

Full disclosure – Charlie’s birthday is on June 26. But next weekend we have an Iron Dog and the weekend after that my friend Sarah is getting married. And we weren’t just NOT going to have a birthday party for Charles, so we celebrated early.

Charlie’s 3rd Birthday Barbecue Bonanza was a success! We ate, we drank, we danced. It was a day to remember.

And by that I mean we had a really nice afternoon of barbecue deliciousness, despite ridiculous amounts of rain. C, my trusty spouse, even grilled chicken and pork ribs… in the rain.

We originally thought we would have a big bash for Charlie’s birthday. But, alas, a few friends couldn’t make it. So we had a simple cookout (again, in the rain) with our couple friends who live down the street. But we still pulled out all the stops. Anything for Chazzy Bear, amiright?

We had little doggie donuts, balloons, snow cones, souvenir glasses, and of course, food.

Charlie had fun socializing with his guests, rubbing up on people, and getting tons of attention. He even let me dress him up in this adorable outfit:

Note: he hated that part.

I will say, we pretty much used this occasion to have a few friends over and eat really good food. But Charlie’s 3rd Birthday is a pretty good party theme, so we went for it!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Because, of course, I’ll also post about my sweet beautiful baby on his actual birth-week. But I did want to shed a little more light on how to have a super special dog birthday party, something I touched on in an earlier post.

This party certainly was less dog-centric. Charlie was the guest of honor, but, because he enjoys people more than dogs, it focused largely around people petty his beautiful little head.

We had normal people-birthday decorations like a birthday sign and balloons, but also tried to make it a little bit doggier – like by making Chicken flavored snow cones for him! (human had pineapple flavor)

We also made little doggie goodie bags of cute doughnut-shaped dog treats (though the doggie friends weren’t able to make it.

What did you do with your gang this weekend? It was awfully rainy in the Northeast! Let us know in the comments!

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