We built a (stronger) fence!

It’s big and it’s beautiful and putting it up all but broke my body. But we have a legit fence!

As you can see from my shoddy photos, our old fence was pretty mangled. Just metal post and wire with a privacy screen on it – the wind had pretty much destroyed it. And then a tree fell on it this winter.

It was seriously held together with zip ties.

Every day that a border collie didn’t escape was a miracle.

But that stress is gone! We have a beautiful fence with wooden posts and concrete and properly installed wire fencing!

Really truly though, with all my heart, this was the hardest home improvement project I’ve ever done. My in-laws and I worked for about 8 hours straight one day and then 5 the next. Plus the hour it took me to take down the old fence! And through all of this C, my trusty spouse, and Pilot were at a frisbee competition.

Taking down the fence was relatively easy. I pretty much grabbed ahold of the metal posts and moved them back and forth until I could yank them out of the ground. Then I rolled up the old fence and put it aside. We cleaned it up later.

My mother-in-law and I started by cutting a little over a foot off of the fence posts while my father-in-law started digging holes. We buried the fence posts 18 inches deep, then dumped in some concrete mix and water, and made sure the posts were even. Bing, bang, boom – and we moved on to the next one.

Really though – that process was insanely hard. But it was pretty cut and dry.

Once the concrete set we were able to attach wooden cross planks between posts and cut pieces of wire fence. Then we attached the wire to the fence posts, stapled in the privacy screen, and we were done!

Now again, it wasn’t that easy. But like, it also wasn’t too complicated.

The dogs are totally loving it, which makes all of the work worthwhile. I seriously think I could throw a border collie at this fence over and over again and it wouldn’t break. But like, I wont. Don’t worry.

What kind of fence do you have to contain your Little Beasts? Let us know in the comments!

1 thought on “We built a (stronger) fence!

  1. Nice fence!!


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